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K-Sketch allows ordinary computer users to create informal animations from sketches. Current tools for creating animation are extremely complex. This makes it difficult for designers to prototype animations and nearly impossible for novices to create them at all. Simple animation systems exist but severely restrict the types of motion that can be represented. To guide the design K-Sketch, we have conducted field studies into the needs of professional and novice animators. These studies showed the wide variety of motions that users desire in informal animations and indicate how to prioritize these types of motion. Our design allows the most important types of motion to be defined with pen gestures, and gives visual feedback for coordination of events.

Demonstration Video (CHI 2008) (QuickTime, 20MB) (Windows Media, 34MB)


The K-Sketch 2.0 development effort is expanding, and we need research engineers, visiting graduate students, graphic designers, and illustrators. See this announcement for details.
Check out our new K-Sketch Quick Start videos on YouTube!
Our new K-Sketch User Group is up and running! Check out the "User Group" link and join the fun!
Work is beginning on K-Sketch 2.0, and we are hiring research engineers! See this announcement for details.
We regret to announce that the K-Sketch discussion group has been overrun with spam. We are taking the discussion groups offline until we can create a secure alternative. In the mean time, you can send enquiries to
Download page fixed and email addresses given in the past three weeks were subscribed to ksketch-announce.
We missed the email addresses of everyone who grabbed the software today. If you didn't get an invitation to the mailing list and want to be on it, please try again.
Important update to Alpha 3. File format fixed for users in Europe.
Alpha 3 is released! Bug fixes.
Minor fix to Alpha 2. Please update if you're having trouble loading old files.
Alpha 2 is released!
We are pleased to announce an alpha release of K-Sketch 1.0! Check below for details on how to download and use K-Sketch.
The essentials are now working, but we want to add a few touches before our alpha release. It won't be long now.
Check out the new video below which will be included in the proceedings of the ACM's Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2008). The video gives a preview of the features we've been adding to K-Sketch, such as copying motions and a simpler interface for adding motions on top of each other.
We are very close to finishing our initial release of K-Sketch, and we expect it to be ready within a month. We promise to notify everyone who has expressed interest when the initial version is available.

Developer Information

Project Contributors

Project Leader
Zhang Rui
Research Fellow
Guan Mengyuan
Research Fellow

Past Contributors

Brien Colwell
Visiting Researcher
Cy Khormaee
Undergraduate Researcher
Matt Davis
Undergraduate Researcher
Arpi Shaverdian
Undergraduate Researcher
Project Advisor

Tools We Use

K-Sketch was developed with a modified version of the Piccolo.NET User Interface Library from the University of Maryland.
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